Solutions - Interpret & Apply VIN Information

Benefit from the best VIN data available.

Auto manufacturers, insurance companies and government departments use VIN information for a variety of applications. But, not just any VIN information will do. You need the most accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive VIN data available.

We can help...because we understand the critical importance of vehicle VIN information. As the recognized leader in automotive intelligence, Polk takes the guesswork out of interpreting VINs so that you can apply the data. Whether you're an automotive manufacturer faced with a vehicle recall; an insurance company trying to set accurate premiums; an OEM that requires an accurate way of identifying branded titles or a government agency trying to track down consumers with unpaid fines, you can rely on Polk's VIN data.

Benefit from the most comprehensive vehicle registration database combined with in-depth auto industry knowledge and excellent customer service. Take advantage of Polk's years of expertise helping the automotive world turn VIN data into actionable solutions. Work smarter and faster using industry-leading data and solutions. 

We can help you:

Who benefits most?

Polk has a proven track record of helping organizations throughout the automotive industry with solutions focused on interpreting and applying VIN information. These solutions are particularly relevant to:

Solution Tools

Branded Title

Reduce unnecessary warranty repair costs and legal liability through Polk's branded title product, which identifies vehicles with branded titles and titles that have been washed.


Access the information you need to process motor vehicle transactions quickly and profitably using the most complete source for title and registration requirements throughout the U.S. and Canada. Now available through World Data Corporation. Click here to order.


Quickly and accurately contact owners of recalled vehicles to mitigate the negative legal and PR impact. 


Assist local parking enforcement divisions in finding consumers with unpaid parking and toll violations.

Vehicle Verification System (VVS)

Solve business issues within the Insurance, Government, Legal and Law Enforcement industries with this real-time portal. 

VIN Decoding

Quickly decode VINs to understand manufacturer, model, year, engine details and other vehicle characteristics so you can use this information to make smart business decisions.

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