Solutions - Improve Owner Loyalty

Build, measure and improve loyalty.

There is no greater measure of a brand’s stability than owner loyalty. A loyal owner is more than a repeat buyer – he or she is a walking evangelist for your brand, and is invaluable to your future success. And, a loyal advocate is a key source of future sales and service opportunities.

Since 1996, Polk has been the recognized leader in helping our clients build, measure and improve owner loyalty. In fact, we have a group of experienced consultants in our Loyalty Management Practice who are dedicated to helping the industry retain customers. Our passion for owner loyalty shines through in our seminars, published work and the yearly Polk Automotive Loyalty Awards, which recognize manufacturers for superior performance in customer retention.

But, the core focus of the Loyalty Management Practice is providing actionable solutions based on expert insights and industry-leading data – from real customers, not survey samples. Whether your function is marketing, sales, service or financing, we can help you understand key drivers of loyalty and automotive shopping behaviors. More importantly, we can help you take action to retain existing customers while conquesting new ones.

Gain insights into factors that influence owner loyalty. Understand marketplace opportunities and threats. Identify likely defectors at the critical juncture before they leave your brand. Solidify your customer relationships for years to come by relying on the industry’s best loyalty-related diagnostic, predictive and advisory services. 

We can help you:

Who benefits most?

Throughout the automotive industry, everyone can benefit from understanding how to build, measure and improve consumer loyalty. Our solutions are particularly relevant to:

Solution Tools

Customer Profiling

Understand the vehicle purchase and vehicle buying profiles, along with demographic and lifestyle traits, of customers in a given market.

Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)

Conduct targeted telephone and email surveys using customer sales and service transactional data, to provide reports on customer satisfaction (Australia only).

Data Enhancement

Use demographic and geographic information to better understand your customers and build targeted marketing strategies to reach them.

Diversity Marketing

Arm yourself with the critical information you need to tap into the purchasing power of the diverse ethnic and demographic markets within the U.S.


Reach millions of in-market prospects who are open to email offers with personalized communication at a lower cost than direct mail.

Loyalty Analytics Tool

Gain critical and timely access to actual vehicle transaction data to get answers to loyalty questions that drive your owner retention and conquest strategies. With the Loyalty Analytics Tool you have the ability to drill down through custom geographies and analyze owner loyalty at the deepest levels for a true understanding of customer behavior. Learn more. 

Loyalty Reporting and Analysis

Create and access reports and scorecards that quantify loyalty and defection performance at a national, regional and dealer level as a tool in your goal-setting and improvement efforts.

Marketing Database Services

Update and manage your owner database to build effective and targeted marketing campaigns. This service provides a standardized method of efficiently and cost effectively updating the owner databases of vehicle manufacturers, enabling the manufacturer to target new and used vehicle sales, parts & service sales and finance & insurance sales.


Convert new vehicle prospects to sales, maintain customer retention and loyalty, avoid customer defections, grow parts and service revenue and increase overall profitability through this comprehensive solution that uses key customer and prospect data combined with relevant market intelligence.

Targeted Marketing Lists 

Increase your ROI by building effective and targeted marketing campaigns using industry-leading data.

We would love to help you with owner loyalty. Drop us a note.