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The automotive industry is moving fast and continually evolving. To stay on top – whether you're a manufacturer, supplier or dealer – you need to be the first to analyze and react to new developments and forecasts.

We can help…by providing you with the data, analysis and interpretation you need to keep up with market developments. But, standalone data can be overwhelming and hard to decipher. That's why we combine industry-leading automotive data with thoughtful analysis and interpretation from our experienced automotive advisors. We ask the right questions so you get the answers you need.

Stay ahead of your competitors by making smart business decisions based on comprehensive industry data (not limited survey information). Take advantage of Polk's 90 years of experience helping automotive organizations build solutions that work. Benefit from the expertise of the industry leader in analyzing and forecasting your market potential.

We can help you:

Who benefits most?

Polk has a proven track record of providing analyses and forecasts of market potential that benefit organizations throughout the automotive industry. Our solutions are particularly relevant to: 

Solution Tools

Advisory Services

Benefit from the expertise of our automotive analysts, who guide you through the data, create reports that are ready to use and help you develop data-driven solutions. 


Benefit from Polk’s expertise and analysis across a wide range of industry issues, including loyalty trends, diversity/ethnic marketing and forecasting.

Automotive Financial System (AFS)

Quickly identify leasing and lien holder activity in the new vehicle market via this Internet-based system.

Gain insights into the Canadian market using this simple web application that provides instant access to complete Canadian vehicle registration data.

Diversity Marketing

Arm yourself with the critical information you need to tap into the purchasing power of the diverse ethnic and demographic markets within the U.S.

Global Automotive Marketing Services (AMS)

Determine the size of your target market, discover sales opportunities and implement an effective sales strategy by linking technical products data from original equipment references with our PARC vehicle information.

Industry Studies

Make more informed business decisions through access to comprehensive industry knowledge, including market simulations, comprehensive worldwide views and trend watches.

Market Share Reporting 

Get monthly reports that provide the information you need to understand and better compete in your market.


Gain critical access to timely and accurate planning, and information about emerging trends. This highly integrated and dynamic forecasting tool details registration information for 80 countries, information about specific models and the competitive framework. Integrative and dynamic means more than just covering the basic data and assumptions. With NewFor you have the ability to modify forecast assumptions and get to an adapted forecast immediately. After all, simulations give you the chance to evaluate “what if” scenarios in order to identify your ideal market strategies.

National Vehicle Population Profile® (NVPP®)

Benefit from a complete census of all current data on registered passenger cars and light-duty trucks in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. Use this data to guide your product planning, part production, inventory management, advertising and marketing decisions. NVPP® also contains current data on registered motorcycles in the U.S. and Canada.


Gain insights into worldwide passenger vehicle, light commercial vehicle and heavy commercial vehicle markets through this comprehensive tool that contains 97% of global vehicle sales and registration data.


Gain detailed insights from the most comprehensive global PARC (Vehicles in Operation) data available. Polk’s PARC data spans passenger cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles for more than 40 markets worldwide – with detailed insights from vehicle age down to minute technical specifications. You can also use Polk’s model-level forecasts to guide future market developments.


Convert new vehicle prospects to sales, maintain customer retention and loyalty, avoid customer defections, grow parts and service revenue and increase overall profitability through this comprehensive solution that uses key customer and prospect data combined with relevant market intelligence.


Analyze and interpret a wide variety of Polk intelligence, including new, used and VIO registration statistics and sales combined with demographic information. This tool is available to users throughout your organization.

Polk Trucking Industry Profile (TIP®NET)

Gain insights into the entire commercial vehicle industry with this web-based, interactive system.

Polk's Territory Pro™ Report

In less than five minutes, understand the dynamics of a dealer's area and the actions to take to improve that dealer's sales and fixed operations. Select by industry to learn more: automotive manufacturer or retail and media agencies.

Price & Specification

Obtain comprehensive vehicle price and specification information linked to retail sales volumes for the passenger, SUV and LCV markets (Australia only). 


Understand the forecasted global production of cars and light trucks by make, model (generation) and body type within a 12-year forecast horizon.

Research Sampling

Conduct insightful new product research, quality studies, and consumer satisfaction measurements.


VFACTS is the Australian new vehicle retail data collection and reporting service, which is run by Polk on behalf of the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI).

Vehicles in Operation Forecast

For companies who make pivotal decisions about parts replacement, Polk’s WorldView integrates Vehicles in Operation data, volumes from 50 countries, forecasted population figures and European OE parts research into a single, online analytical solution to help you analyze global part demand and support key decisions related to cataloging, inventory planning, and part production.


WorldView is the largest and most complete resource for vehicles in operation and original equipment parts intelligence. By integrating Polk's Vehicles in Operation (VIO) data from 50 countries, forecasted vehicle population information and European original equipment (OE) parts research, users have access to an unparalleled wealth off decision support information.  

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