Knowledge - Global Forecasting Dashboard

Western Europe New Passenger Vehicle Registrations

Updated: 4/09/2014

Key findings include: March 2014 recorded an impressive growth of 17.7%. Year-to-date PV registrations are up 13.7% in the United Kingdom. German new registrations were up 5.4% in March. French market grew by 9.4% in March.  The Italian... continue

Brazil Light Vehicle Registration Forecast

Updated: 4/07/2014

Key findings include: New light vehicle registrations plummeted 14.7% in March (228,728 units) For the first time, a pickup was the best-selling model in Brazil: 13,017 Fiat Strada were registered, ahead of 12,872 Fiat Palio and 12,545 Volkswagen... continue

Global Passenger Vehicle Sales Development

Updated: 3/20/2014

Key findings include: Worldwide new registrations in February were 6.1% above the previous year. 2014: The global car demand will reach a new record high of 78.5 Mio (+4.0%). The Asia/Pacific region (+9.3) was the main driver behind the global increase in... continue

U.S. Light Vehicle Sales Forecast

Updated: 1/09/2014

December 2013 U.S. New Vehicle Sales Highlights: U.S. consumers purchased 15,600,199 new cars and light trucks in 2013, up 7.6% from 2012 This follows three years of double-digit growth from 2010 through 2012 as the industry climbed out of the 2009... continue

German Passenger Vehicle Registration Forecast

Updated: 9/10/2013

Key findings include: German car market was 5.5% below last year due to one less working day in the month Trend of new registrations has stabilized now for three months VW new registrations were 16 percent below last year's August level (-9% YTD) A high... continue