Join Our Team - Employee Growth


Your opportunity for career growth is as unlimited as your imagination, passion, creativity and dedication.

When you join Polk, you'll become part of a fast-paced and results-driven team to drive us forward. As a global company, you'll have the advantage of receiving a rich, rewarding employment experience that promotes strategic thinking and innovative practices among diverse cultures.

We'll make sure you will not only keep pace with the latest industry and technology innovations, but have the opportunity to use them on a daily basis. You'll work with advanced technologies and systems to support and create automotive data-driven solutions that positively impact the many clients we serve.

Polk places a high premium on continuing education through your daily work experiences and by offering you a number of ways to gain the knowledge you need to remain successful. To make sure our team members are able to benefit from the most recent advancements in technology and the industry, we have a number of in-house education opportunities available as well as tuition assistance and toastmaster programs.

Day one.

You won't get lost. We're here to coach you and help ensure your success.

Early learning.

You'll learn from the best. Polk Experts will provide you with the information you need to be aligned with our company philosophy, goals, initiatives and processes.

Professional training.

You will quickly learn that there are a number of internal and external professional growth opportunities for you. With ongoing technical, product, sales, presentation, and management training sessions you will quickly carve out a path towards growth and advancement.

Online learning.

MindLeaders, web-based training available to all Polk employees, offers courses in Business Skills, Desktop Applications, and Technical and Personal Development to help you gain the necessary edge to stay successful.

Career ownership.

You're in charge of your own career at Polk. You work with your manager to set performance and development goals that benefit you and the company. We make sure you receive the necessary feedback to be successful through our Performance Review process.