Join Our Team - Diversity

Our global commitment to diversity.

Polk's mission is to "To collect and interpret data and apply our automotive business expertise to help our customers make good decisions." To help us achieve our mission, we believe the diversity of our workforce is a key element. It helps us more effectively understand and meet the unique needs and goals of the marketplace we serve.

Embracing different ways of thinking, developing ideas and understanding perspectives are key ingredients in helping us become more diverse. These elements enable us to analyze business situations from different points of view so we can think critically and develop optimum solutions to meet our clients’ needs now and in the future. It also helps us grow as individuals and become more effective leaders.

It is our policy to hire, promote, train and pay employees based on merit, experience, and other work-related criteria. We value diversity and strive to create an environment that is supportive and accepting of differences. We value, pursue and leverage diversity in our employees because we consider it to be absolutely essential. As a global organization, Polk employs people from different countries and regions around the world. A multicultural workforce enables us to attract and retain the most qualified employees, develop innovative products, and better serve the needs of a wide range of customers.

Meeting the needs of a globally diverse population represents a significant opportunity and challenge for us. We work extremely hard to enable talent, satisfy customers, and lead business intelligence innovation on a global basis.