Join Our Team - Culture

Founded on cutting-edge thought.

At Polk we have a strong tradition of excellence as a premier provider of automotive information and marketing solutions. But that tradition is nothing more than proof that we have always been driven to be the industry leader. Today, rather than depend on our history we rely on cutting-edge thought and technology. We count on our team members, experts who develop and apply ground-breaking intelligence.

Polk team members are highly motivated and fully engaged in the business and feel like part owners of the company. Our collaborative and inclusive environment promotes idea sharing and discovery that benefits clients, consumers, and the industry.

Our diversity is a source of creativity that inspires us to reach our full potential. We actively partner with our customers to help them define how our solutions and capabilities can assist them in achieving their business objectives. Employees realize that customers are at the heart of what we do and they are armed with the knowledge to do what is right for the customer. It's found in Polk's operating and management processes and business structure.

We are considered to be a true business partner and it is reflected in our culture. We build strong relationships, have a keen understanding of both the industry and our customers' strategic objectives, manage customer expectations and do it all with an emphasis on customer care. We live it every day with passion and pride.

Customers know they can rely on our expertise and ability to deliver. Transparency and an open communications style allows us to recognize and achieve unrealized potential and create a dynamic synergy with them.