Privacy Policy

Polk Privacy Statement

Polk is the premier supplier of automotive intelligence. For over 135 years, the public has entrusted Polk with substantial amounts of information about consumers. We work to maintain the public's trust by offering products and services consistent with our commitment to Polk's Privacy Principles.

Polk behaves responsibly and ethically when building and using databases.

Polk restricts information sharing to those companies who have a legal, appropriate, and allowable use for the information.

Polk keeps client and consumer information secure from unauthorized access.

Polk works within regulatory requirements to maintain the best information value for our customers.

Polk includes privacy principles and practices in its standards for employee ethics.

Polk respects a consumer's expressed desire to be removed from marketing lists.

Contact the DMA at:

The Direct Marketing Association
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Access to and Correction of State-Sourced Information

Polk collects and compiles motor vehicle registration and title information to provide products and services to authorized entities pursuant to 18 U.S.C A. §2721 and similar state laws governing the use of such information. Consumer information from motor vehicle records is used in compliance with the governing laws and regulations and thus not used by Polk or provided to other entities by Polk for direct marketing purposes. To access or correct your motor vehicle registration and/or title information, contact your state’s department of motor vehicles or other state agency that processes motor vehicle titles and registration.