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"Polk's biggest benefit is that we can customize reports for each of our stores matching each report with our OEMs' area of responsibility. This gives us better data that we can then use to measure our market share and campaign participation. Also, by selecting the VINs for the brands of trucks we sell, we can positively identify each truck and whether or not we sold it. If we did not sell it, we can tell who did by tracking the VIN and get more info on the truck."

- Steve Dupuis, Tri State Truck Center

"Polk has proved over the years to be an invaluable source of information about our customer base. We use Polk data not only for marketing purposes, but also to help us make operational decisions based upon what equipment is owned and where the buyers are located. We feel that Polk provides an excellent value to our business."

- Bill Huston, General Sales Manager, Atlantic Truck Center, Inc.

"Using Polk’s TIP®Net system has consistently provided us with accurate, detailed vehicle and customer information that we rely on to use for mailings. In addition to the program itself, the level of customer service we receive has been exceptional. Our Account Manager is always a phone call away and willing to assist in any reports we may need pulled."

- Meara Santoro, Marketing Coordinator, Minuteman Trucks, Inc.

"TIP®Net system is an easy to use tool that allows you to sort and organize the information specific to your industry or what you are looking for."

- Kris Harmon, Marketing Manager, Westman Frieghtliner, Inc.

"Polk has allowed our company to reach out to new prospects (whether individuals or fleets) near our locations and in return, has grown our business and our company name."

- Kris Harmon, Marketing Manager, Westman Frieghtliner, Inc.

“PolkConnect™ gives us greater control of the aftersales data, helps us maximise usage of our workshop facilities and provides consistent measurement of results.”

- Simon Treloar, Brand Manager, Hayselden ŠKODA

“PolkConnect™ is a far more strategic tool than our DMS. The response to our first campaign using PolkConnect has been fantastic and we are currently planning future projects.”

- Roland Symmons, Aftersales Manager, Motorline Dartford

“I think the system [PolkConnect™] is absolutely fantastic. We see more opportunity in terms of available data to market to our customers. As a result, we’ve seen an increase in customer footfall.”

- Christine Blair, Customer Service Adviser, Ingram Ayr ŠKODA

"PolkConnect saves valuable time by turning the planning and execution of aftersales marketing campaigns into a simple process, with key performance metrics to measure success. PolkConnect also gives manufacturers an independent view of how the entire retail network is performing. It’s well worth the money."

- David Dickens, Aftersales Development Manager, ŠkodaAuto UK

"Our client was overwhelmed by the results! Polk understood what we were trying to do. It was great working with people who were very patient, cooperative and who understood the big picture. The result was a successful campaign that exceeded our expectations."

- Kevin Whelan, Director of Business Development, Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S.

"Advanstar has strong access to our customers, but working with Polk provides us with an even deeper dive."

- Tracy Harris, Vice President & General Manager, Advanstar

"Tenneco is committed to helping our customers improve their business. That’s why we invested in the development of a solution to help them better manage their inventories so we can all be more productive and profitable."

- Charles Osgood, Manager, Training and Operations, Tenneco

"Polk’s NVPP® Program has proven to be a valuable tool for WORLDPAC. The information contained within the NVPP has allowed WORLDPAC to improve three important processes—site selection, market share and new product development. These three processes are all strategically important activities that allow WORLDPAC to improve customer service."

- Steven Sharp, Vice President, WORLDPAC

"By using the Polk data, we have been improving inventory turns at our branches because we are starting to stock the models only for the vehicle population in the area. This has had a positive financial impact."

- Layne R. Gobrogge, Vice President, Marketing, Transpro, Inc.

"Over the past several years, the Polk information that we have used has been invaluable to us in identifying opportunities for the placement of products in customer locations, leading to improved customer service from us, improved consumer service by our customers and we have both benefited through improved profitability and greater market penetration. We have used Polk data and information internally to make continuous improvements in our market analyses as well."

- Dan McFarlane, North American Demand Planning Manager, Michelin North America

"Polk helped us get our inventory mix right. Within a specific test line, our inventory turn rate increased over 30%, lost sales were held to less than 3%, and our gross profit percent on the line increased by over 50 basis points."

- Michael Swearengin, Senior Vice President, Merchandise, O’Reilly Auto Parts

"Polk data is a key component of CARDONE’s Product Line Review System, which we use to advise customers on stocking levels. This allows us to increase our customers’ inventory levels when they are too low, which helps everyone avoid lost sales. And, we’re able to advise customers to reduce inventory levels when they are too high, to prevent low inventory turns and obsolescence."

- Dil Kulathum, Director, Corporate Marketing, CARDONE

"The biggest problem we were able to solve was finding and surveying owners of high-end vehicles that helped us meet the client’s quotas for these groups. This was a priority in the project and was an ingredient in making the project a success."

- Robert Ampthor , Vice President Automotive, NFO WorldGroup

"Working with Polk allows us to target specific vehicle owners based on model owned, age, location, gender and other vehicles in household. This allows us to more accurately target the consumers we are trying to reach to provide our clients with a more accurate idea of how consumers are reacting to a product or concept."

- Beth McGuffin, Executive Director, NOP Automotive

"Quite simply, Polk makes my job easier! Polk provides me with extensive, targeted lists of audiences that I need to interview. Typically, these audiences are low-incidence, ‘hard-to-find’ consumers. Without the help of Polk’s consumer lists, oftentimes looking for these consumers is like looking for a needle in a haystack—which can create delays and/or make the project go over-budget. In other words, using the lists provided by Polk makes a difficult recruit easier and overall more efficient."

- Susan Reale, Senior Qualitative Project Director, Socratic Technologies

"Polk provides the only cost-effective means of sampling automotive owners in the U.S. Some projects would just not be possible without the services and products offered by Polk."

- G. Scott Yeaton, President, Research Design Specialists