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Practices make perfect.

Belief. Passion. Commitment. Expertise. Polk's Practices offer focused, in-depth expertise within specific vertical markets or business segments. Led by recognized authorities in their respective fields, our practices provide the collective insight and knowledge to move your business forward. Now, more than ever, today's rapidly expanding global markets make our trusted solutions a vital competitive advantage for our customers.

Polk's dedicated practice leaders work with their respective communities to bring the best of their collective assets so our customers solve strategic and operational business challenges. Our practice leaders use research, data, technology, a strong industry network and their vast experience to provide meaningful results. It's a path Polk believes is critical – commit to solving problems by offering both solutions and people who know the issues best.

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Digital Marketing Practice

Digital marketing is revolutionizing how companies are promoting their brands and engaging with their customers. Led by John McBride, our Digital Marketing Practice is at the forefront of this fast-changing discipline. We are experts in combining emerging technologies, communication channels, consumer behavior and the ever-changing automotive landscape to benefit our customers. The Practice ensures that our digital marketing solution portfolio leverages our expertise in the digital space and our industry-renowned automotive data targets the best prospects across channels and measures campaign effectiveness, source of sales and ROI. Our industry thought-leaders help you gain a unique advantage in the digital marketplace.

Diversity Marketing Practice

Reaching the right audience at the right time with the right message can be challenging. Led by Marc Bland, our Diversity Marketing Practice includes skilled professionals who understand the nuances and intricacies of tapping diverse consumer markets. Our expertise transforms a wealth of industry-leading information into solutions that help you develop market opportunities and create retention and conquest strategies among those groups with the highest levels of purchasing power: Hispanics, African Americans, Asians and other automotive communities. Polk's diversity team works cross-functionally with its colleagues in loyalty, forecasting and statistical analysis to ensure you receive the benefit of working with industry leaders who have a true understanding of the practice of diversity marketing.

Global Aftermarket Practice

The global automotive aftermarket is highly complex. Led by Mark Seng, our Global Aftermarket Practice enables companies to better understand the industry's critical issues such as inventory management and parts proliferation, as well as uncover opportunities for service and parts revenue growth. Supported by the freshest and most detailed global vehicle data available and a sophisticated understanding of how the industry is impacted by new and used vehicle sales, we offer proven approaches for business growth. Practice members are highly sought-after by associations and executive audiences regarding industry issues.

Global Forecasting Practice

Business success depends upon highly accurate market planning. Led by Tim Armstrong, our Global Forecasting Practice provides industry-leading independent research, key insights and a comprehensive outlook of the automotive industry from highly skilled analysts located around the world. With nearly 40 years of experience providing automotive forecasting services, we know the issues at the core of your toughest industry challenges. The practice ensures that each solution in our broad product portfolio helps provide a clear picture, enabling you to stay ahead of ever-changing automotive market conditions. Recognized for their progressive insights and approaches, our practice leaders are sought after in both business and academic circles. Visit our Global Forecasting Dashboard for the latest summaries.

Loyalty Management Practice

Owners who repeatedly buy vehicles from the same automaker or brand provide an important source of ongoing sales and service revenue. Led by Jeff Anderson, our Loyalty Management Practice enables manufacturers and retailers to effectively set benchmarks and manage owner loyalty through an in-depth analysis of automotive shopping behaviors and related market influencers. Our analyses cover the entire U.S. market, and can identify likely defectors before they leave, providing an opportunity to re-win their business. Customers find our comprehensive data, online reporting systems and advisory services to be relevant and highly useful. As a sought-after resource, Practice members regularly meet with automotive executives and are often asked to share their knowledge at conferences and association gatherings.