Inspire an industry.

As the worldwide leader of automotive insight and marketing solutions, it’s not enough to travel today’s automotive global information highway...We build it.

Polk has the knowledge, experience and cutting-edge technologies to help our clients make strategic business decisions that maximize market share, identify emerging market trends, optimize aftermarket operations and target the best prospects—locally, globally or somewhere in between.

We drive the automotive world.

We help the automotive world make the most informed, accurate and reliable decisions that not only shape the future, but impact their bottom line.

Our industry-leading marketing insights and solutions begin with the most robust automotive information available. We've had years of experience – more than 90, in fact – gathering information from the four corners of the earth, using our network of global resources. All that experience translates into insight – not only into the intelligence we gather, but into the unique issues of the automotive industry.

Whether it’s understanding your market position, increasing and protecting your market volume, gaining insights into trends that affect your business, forecasting and preparing for emerging opportunities or building customer loyalty and conquesting new business, you can count on us to help you gain a marketplace advantage. 

IHS Automotive. The worldwide leader in automotive intelligence and solutions. Impacting decision makers who shape our world. Building the new automotive information highway, with the most extensive Global Network. Dedicated to being the best with the men and women who know how to get results.

Together with our clients, we drive the automotive world.