Approach - Process

Reaching out.

We help the automotive world make the most informed, accurate and reliable decisions that not only shape the future, but impact their bottom line. And it begins with listening closely to our customers to understand their needs and goals.

We've been listening to our customers for a long time–practically since the Model-T rolled off the assembly line in Detroit. And for years we've been the single, most accurate and reliable source of automotive information. But more than just being the industry's unofficial statistician, Polk has grown to be one of the industry's top partners.

Polk's automotive intelligence and innovative solutions are the result of collaboration with our customers and our internal teams across the globe.

We begin by cross-referencing team and expert knowledge from multiple areas worldwide to collect the most relevant, comprehensive automotive intelligence. Then we listen to our customers to carefully understand their business goals. The outcome of this collaborative process is a tailored solution that fills knowledge gaps and helps you build a stronger future for your business.