Approach - Data & Technology

Information is only the beginning.

 At Polk, we're passionate about data. We gather information from around the world, using our network of global resources. To us, data is not just numbers; it's a measurement of the auto industry's health, its markets and its future.

But, information is just the starting point. Throughout the years, we've seen the power of data spark discussion. Discussion leads to questions, then answers. From answers come solutions to the pressing issues facing the auto industry today.

That's Polk's goal: to help our automotive industry clients find solutions to their unique business challenges. We do far more than just supply the data; that's the easy part. What makes Polk unique is our ability to make the data come alive by applying our knowledge and insights. For more than 90 years, we've worked hard to cultivate the experts and experience that have made us the world leader in automotive intelligence and marketing solutions.

With Polk, you can count on data that's unrivaled in its depth and quality. You can feel secure in the knowledge that our data is supported by a world-class technical infrastructure built upon the concepts of scalability, availability, reliability and security. And, wherever you're located, you have straightforward access to the Polk applications and data you need to manage and improve your business.

Unmatched data depth and quality.

Whether your goal is to assess market trends, target a specific customer segment or notify customers of a vehicle recall, your success begins with access to the best data. In other words, your success begins with Polk.

Polk maintains nearly 60 billion rows of data representing specific vehicle-related transactions. We track ownership history, extending back 20 years, for approximately 600 million unique vehicles and maintain thousands of unique data elements about vehicles and vehicle owners – from repair history to brand loyalty ratings. And each year, Polk analyzes more than 600 million records to determine changes in vehicle ownership.

We receive data from more than 240 data sources – from state governments to auto manufacturers to financing companies to Dun & Bradstreet. Polk can combine our data into more than 1.4 billion combinations to meet the diverse needs of our global automotive industry clients.

That's a lot of data. In fact, Polk has the most comprehensive automotive market and vehicle owner data available in the marketplace.

Of course, just having the most complete data is not enough. Polk makes it easy and convenient for our clients to access the information you need through intuitive, online tools containing data that is updated daily. Many Polk solutions are built upon a cloud model, meaning that they are hosted at Polk so you don't need to worry about having the necessary hardware, software or internal resources. We take care of that for you…and make sure the data is always available.

Polk has long recognized the value of hosting applications and services for our clients; we've been doing it before the concept of the cloud became trendy. So, we know that taking advantage of the cloud requires more than just technology. Polk also pays careful attention to the user interface and security.

The end result: our solutions work for you.

Whether you're evaluating the popularity of an SUV in Australia, tracking the success of a parts and service program in Germany or examining customer loyalty in California, we supply the data you need to make smart business decisions.

Recognized for excellence.

Polk is the market leader in automotive data. But, you don't have to take our word for it. Polk has been recognized for our innovative approach to technology by a number of leading industry sources, including: 

Polk Recognized for Excellence

World-class technical infrastructure.

Our clients demand leading-edge solutions. That's why Polk is committed to maintaining a world-class technical infrastructure to support our solutions and the clients who depend upon them. We continuously evolve our state-of-the-art data centers, databases and networks to adapt to a changing technological environment.

Polk partners with some of the leading providers of technical services in the industry, including Oracle for data management and Savvis Federal Systems for hosting our data center according to the most stringent security standards. Through these partnerships, Polk leverages the latest and greatest technology for the benefit of our clients.

You can count on the availability and reliability of Polk's data. You can rely on Polk's ability to deliver the same high-quality data and applications you depend on, with the scalability to expand as your needs grow.

A focus on data security.

Polk understands that your data is one of your most valuable business resources. That's why we place so much importance on maintaining the security and confidentiality of all Polk and client data. We have in place a number of measures and systems to ensure data security, starting with an ISO-certified Internal Information Security Management System – showing compliance with the highest international standards.

Polk's information security policy guides all data handling. But, we know that a policy is only as effective as the people who follow and enforce it. That's why we screen every employee and contractor prior to employment and require everyone at Polk to annually review the information security policy. Our policy ensures that only authorized personnel have access to data, with formal handling requirements and access control procedures followed by all.

Our production data center is hosted externally by Savvis Federal Systems, providing us with a world-class data hosting center that employs stringent monitoring and access controls to protect our data.

At the application, database and infrastructure levels, Polk employs a number of vulnerability scanning tools. As data moves from development to deployment to the production environment, Polk uses rigorous processes to ensure security.

Polk also utilizes commercial firewalling technology within an n-tiered environment and a best-in-class Intrusion Detection System (IDS). Our information asset log data is centrally aggregated, securely stored, analyzed and reported.