Inspire an industry.

At Polk, we rely upon our innovative experts and resources to provide solutions that work hard for you. Each engagement begins with discovery.

We ask questions, seeking exactly what will help make you successful, now and in the future. Based upon that information we use a collaborative approach to build a unique, knowledgeable solution that will provide you with the tools to be a healthy, thriving member of the automotive industry.

Customer-centric approach.

To be the premier provider of automotive intelligence and marketing solutions isn’t easy. It takes a dedicated and driven customer-centric approach from Polk employees worldwide. 

At the heart of our approach is the ability to listen closely to our customers to understand their needs and goals. We carefully gather this information and analyze it from a number of different perspectives so we have the complete picture before we act. Next, we consult with our staffs from across the globe to carefully analyze the situation and determine possible alternatives. After careful consideration, Polk employees agree on the best course of action for our customers. In doing so, we act as a true business partner to help our customers make better, smarter business decisions.